LVT Care & Maintenance

Regular maintenance and protection of the surface will help preserve the appearance and extend the life of your floor. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the amount and type of traffic, degree of soiling and the floor colour and type.


Tips for Amtico Flooring

To help prevent soiling and damaging particles of grit being carried in on footwear we recommend the use of an external grit tray at door entrances and the Amtico International FloorCare Entrance Matting for internal use. These mats can be purchased from us at Glenearn Flooring and are available in a range of complimentary colours.

Daily Routine Care

Manual Mopping
  • Prepare solution of Amtico International FloorCare Maintainer diluted in accordance with instructions on the container.
  • Apply the solution using a damp mop to remove soiling using overlapping strokes.
  • Rinse the mop frequently and change the solution as necessary.
  • Dirty water will leave an unsightly residue on the surface.
  • Allow entire floor area to dry thoroughly.
  • Ensure all equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use and stored safely.

Any scuff marks that are not removed during routine cleaning may be gently rubbed with a non-abrasive or nylon pad of the type used on non-stick cookware.

At least once a year, floors should be stripped thoroughly using Amtico International Floor Care.

Daily Sweeping and Dust Mopping
  • Thoroughly sweep the floor using a non-treated dust mop or soft brush and dust pan.
  • Regularly clean entrance matting by shaking and beating, vacuuming or washing.

Stripping & Dressing

For heavily soiled, ingrained or previously dressed floors we would recommend stripping the floor thoroughly, at least once a year using Amtico International FloorCare Stripper as detailed below. Dressing can then be applied to refresh the surface and offer continued protection.

Stripping the Floor

  • Prepare a solution of Amtico International FloorCare Stripper using warm water as per the instructions on the container. Carefully follow all safety
  • instructions, particularly noting that the floor can become slippery during the stripping process.
  • Apply plenty of solution over a manageable area.
  • Allow 10 – 15 minutes contact time.
  • Agitate solution with mop. Do not allow slurry to dry.
  • Remove slurry with mop and bucket or with a wet vacuum. Rinse floor twice with clean water and allow to dry.

Dressing the Floor (if required).

  • Pour quantity of Amtico International FloorCare Dressing into bucket.
  • Using clean mop or flat-type applicator, load with dressing and partially wring out. Starting at the furthest point from the exit, apply a thin even coat around the perimeter and then apply to the main floor with overlapping passes.
  • Allow to dry (approx. 30 mins). To assist with the drying of dressing, keep the area well ventilated.
  • Apply second coat at right angles to first coat and allow to dry (approx. 30 mins).
  • Ensure all equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use and stored safely.
  • Do not use the same equipment for the application of Amtico International FloorCare Dressing as used for stripping.


Tips for Karndean Flooring

Karndean Designflooring is hardwearing and is easy to clean and look after. Our enhanced surface treatment, K Guard+ helps protect against everyday wear, spills and scuffs. This makes it easier and more environmentally friendly to clean and maintain your floor, giving you peace of mind that your Karndean floor will look great for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner such as Karndean Clean will help keep your floor at its best. Follow these simple steps for cleaning your Karndean floor:

  1. With a soft sweeping brush, remove any loose dirt or dust
  2. Add 50ml of Karndean Clean (1 notch represents 50ml) to approximately 8-10 litres of clean water
  3. Mop the Karndean Clean solution onto the whole floor, removing any excess liquid.

Then allow your floor to dry before walking on it.

Floor Care kit

Karndean’s Floor Care Kit contains all you need to clean and maintain your floor.

It includes:

  • Karndean Clean 750ml
  • Karndean Remove 750ml
  • Karndean Refresh 750ml
  • Floor Protector Pack
  • Refresh Pad and Remove Pad
  • Applicator
  • Floor Care Guide
For an occasional refresh

Every six to twelve months you may want to treat your floor to some extra care to further enhance its look and durability.


Karndean Remove helps to prepare your floor before applying Karndean Refresh.

Karndean Remove prepares your floor before applying Karndean Refresh. Dilute Karndean Remove 1 part to 5 with clean water. 200ml of Karndean Remove to one litre of water will cover approximately 10m2. (One notch represents 50ml.)

With a household mop, spread the solution onto the floor liberally and leave to work for five minutes, making sure it does not dry.Using the blue Applicator with a wet Karndean Remove Pad (coarse/white) from your Floor Care Kit, scrub the floor all over.

Remove the residue with a household mop, rinsing the floor thoroughly with fresh, clean, warm water.Be careful not to allow Karndean Remove to dry on the floor. Always wear protective gloves when using this product.


Karndean Refresh creates a satin finish to your floor and helps protect it from marks and fine scratches

Karndean Refresh creates a satin finish to your floor and helps protect it from marks and fine scratches. Before you start, make sure the floor is completely dry and free of all traces of Karndean Remove.

Using the blue Applicator 7 with the Karndean Refresh Pad (soft/white) 5 from your Floor Care Kit, spread a thin and even layer of undiluted Karndean Refresh onto the floor, in a widthways direction.

Leave this layer to dry for approximately 30 minutes, then repeat the process lengthways. Rinse the pad thoroughly after use and leave the floor to dry for approximately 6 hours or preferably over night.


Helpful hints and tips

Mop up spills as soon as possible, using Karndean Clean, to reduce the risk of staining. For stubborn stains, spot clean with undiluted Karndean Clean or Remove. Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture (ensure they are non rubber-backed to prevent any discolouration of the floor).

Avoid sliding or dragging furniture or other objects across the floor – use the floor protector pads 4 included in the Floor Care Kit, to prevent scratching. Use load bearing castors to protect against indentation from heavy furniture. Regularly sweep the floor to remove loose dirt or grit as these can cause fine scratches (we don’t recommend you use a steam mop or a vacuum cleaner as they may damage the surface of the floor). Avoid the use of regular household cleaners and bleach-based detergents. These could make the floor slippery or cause discolouration.

If the floor has a streaky appearance, it may be that:

a) Karndean Remove has not been removed completely – repeat the process ensuring the floor is rinsed thoroughly; or

b) irregular drying of Karndean Refresh due to underfloor heating, strong sunlight or draughts – repeat the Karndean Remove and Refresh process, ensuring the floor is protected from heat, strong sunlight and draughts until completely dry.

When applying Karndean Refresh to your floor, be careful not to apply it too thickly. Two thin coats will be sufficient.


Tips for Marmoleum Flooring

Simple and efficient – All our Marmoleum products have a Topshield finish which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Dust wiping is a quick and easy way to keep your floor dust-free.


Regular use of Forbo Monel creates a good protection through a film, which inhibits the adhesion of dirt and is removed during the next maintenance action. In this way the original appearance of the floor is retained.

Cleaner and Polish

Our cleaner and polish products are ideal for those who prefer a satin sheen. The cleaner is a neutral PH detergent which can be regularly used to clean the floor, while the polish is applied to achieve a satin sheen. Should older floors start to look dirty, they can be renovated and a new coat of polish applied.

Occasional maintenance

Although domestically probably not relevant, intensive use can lead to excess wear of your floor.
The original look can be restored as follows:

  • Scrub the floor using Monel and a scrub brush (0.25 l Monel / 10 l water)
  • Remove dirty water with wiper and mop or water vac
  • Now mop with clean water and allow to dry
  • Apply Monel film with the mop (0.25 l Monel / 5 l water).
  • Allow floor to dry

Daily cleaning

Remove dust and loose dirt regularly with a dust wiper
Remove stains with Monel and a slightly damp mop

Periodical cleaning

Remove loose dust and dirt with a dust wiper
Clean the floor using Monel and a mop (0.25 l Monel / 10 l water)
Allow floor to dry


  • Apply a 5% solution of Forbo Cleaner (0.25l cleaner to 5l water)
  • Allow to soak for 10 minutes
  • Scrub with a scrubbing brush or nylon pad
  • Rinse with clean water and mop
  • Allow floor to dry
  • Apply Forbo Polish with applicator (0.25l polish to 0.25l cold water)
  • Allow floor to dry


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