Solid Wood Care & Maintenance Guide


We appreciate that hardwood flooring is a major investment for most people and knowing how to clean and maintain your floor is paramount in retaining its natural beauty and ensuring longevity.

Light Cleaning

Wooden floors can either be swept regularly using a soft bristled broom or vacuumed frequently to remove any dirt and girt. When vacuuming your floor, it is advisable to use a soft brush attachment to minimise scratching.


Wooden floors hold many advantages for pet owners but inevitably animals can damage your floor. Keep claws trim to prevent scratches and mop any ‘accidents’ immediately to avoid staining. Opting for a light coloured floor will minimise the appearance of scratches, while an oiled finish will allow you to easily carry out spot repairs if necessary.


Since water and wood are natural enemies, any spillages should be removed promptly! While small drops of water may not harm your floor, excessive amounts of water left sitting on the boards are likely to cause lasting damage.


As a rule of thumb, stilettos should be left at the front door and heavy shoes avoided! High heels and stilettos in particular, exert a phenomenal pressure that even the toughest of timber species struggle to withstand.


Exposure to direct sunlight will cause your floor to mellow in colour over time. Red woods like Merbau, Jatoba, Cherry etc., are particularly susceptible to colour change. Be sure to frequently move rugs and mats placed in these areas to ensure the floor colour matures evenly.



Prevention rather than cure is the key to a beautiful floor! Consider using rugs or carpet runners in high traffic areas such as hallways and never drag furniture or other objects across a wood floor. Felt protectors and castor cups that will allow furniture to be moved with ease and without marking your floor.

Floor Mats

Install good quality floor mats at each entrance to trap dirt and prevent damage. Grit underfoot will act like sandpaper against your floor. Coir Matting is an ideal entrance barrier for wet and dirty feet.


Always use a well rung mop when wiping your hardwood floor. Excess liquid has the potential to seep down the joins in a floor and cause permanent damage.


All our wood floors should be cleaned as per the manufacturers instructions with the aftercare kits supplied after installation.



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