5 benefits of having a rug for your child’s room

As a parent we’re sure you want to give your child a nice atmospheric room to play in and enjoy so we’ve narrowed down the many uses for kids rug to these top five.

1. They’re comfy!

Young children have a habit of never standing still for too long but in those blissful moments where they do you want a nice place for them to play. Bedrooms are your child’s sanctuary for their imagination to go wild. So whether they are playing with toy dinosaurs whilst pretending they are in the real Jurassic Park times or having tea parties, you want them to be comfortable. Rugs are a fantastic way to do so. Your child can sit on the floor and play with their toys for hours on end (Plus it gives you some well-deserved peace and quiet!)

2. They brighten up a room

We have a decent range of children’s rugs in many different colours some subtle and some brightly coloured. You want to have a room which isn’t bland. Your child is growing and learning and you want to bring this out as much as you can with bright colours to get their creative minds going!

3. Prevents accidents

As previously mentioned children are frequently on the move and the last thing you want are accidents. Children with socks and floors do sometimes make for an unfortunate pair when it comes to slipping and sliding about. Rugs can prevent this from happening if you place them in a practical spot where your child will be running about most.

4. Protects your floor

It’s never practical to spill anything anywhere but at least with a rug you prevent your flooring from being damaged. This goes for scuffs and scrapes too. Unfortunately though children do have a tendency to be messy but at least we can clean and if needs be replace the rug which is a lot cheaper than replacing the floor!
5. There’s a wide variety to choose from!

Beneficial because you want different options to choose from, some children prefer different things in their room! We’ve got you covered with our selection in our online store however so do not fret.


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