The Benefits of Cork Flooring

If you are considering installing cork flooring in your home or business, rest assured that this is a sound choice. Whether your priorities are comfort, durability or environmental responsibility, cork flooring will suit your needs.

Versatile and Elegant

Available in various colours and with a range of tile shapes, sizes and patterns, cork flooring offers both elegance and versatility. Cork floors can be used in many types of spaces; even those that are prone to getting wet, since the material is waterproof. It is durable and easy to clean, as well as resistant to cracks and wear, regardless of the volume of foot traffic or heavy furniture. Cork contains suberin, a natural repellent that protects it from mites, insects, and mould, even in damp areas—combining practicality with a natural aesthetic appeal.

A Healthy Alternative

 Since cork is anti-microbial as well as anti-allergenic, it provides a healthier space. Those who suffer from allergies, or are seeking a safe material for families and pets, appreciate these natural health benefits.

Cork is also an excellent choice in terms of comfort and softness. Because air is trapped inside its cellular structure, cork gives under pressure, providing a shock-absorbing cushion underfoot. It absorbs sound and warmth, as well; this thermal and acoustic insulation is useful in a range of settings.

Cork floor owners also appreciate the fire-resistant properties of this material. It will not melt or catch on fire unless exposed to very high temperatures, and if it does ignite, cork will not release as high an amount of toxicity and smoke as materials like vinyl or carpeting.

Environmentally Responsible

 Aside from comfort and resilience, cork offers a green alternative to other types of flooring. It is made from the outer bark of the cork oak tree, making it a renewable, sustainable resource that does not harm trees and is processed with almost no waste.

With so many inherent benefits, cork is the natural choice for those looking to install comfortable, safe and low-maintenance flooring.


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