Choosing the Best Rug

With so many different choices to choose from, finding the right rug for your home can be a bit of a daunting process. Luckily, however, the way rugs are made today means there are no poor choices. Improvements made to the fibre technology and construction techniques mean that even the lesser expensive options will wear well if they are in the right environment.

Of course, though, the different constructions and fibres in the rugs today will help to give the rug a certain property: wool, polypropylene, blended fibres, and nylon carpets all react different when they are in the same location.

A good rule of thumb when choosing the right rug is location. You will find out that it pays to spend a bit more for a higher grade rug for areas that experience high wear like living areas and hallways. However, you may be able to save some money where feet are not met with the rug as frequently.

So what is the difference really between polypropylene and wool rugs?

Wool is a great natural fibre, which has been used in rugs for centuries now. It offers
excellent resilience to wear because of its ability to bounce back and recover from
the pressure of traffic, helping it to retain its look over the years. Because of the
characteristics in the wool fibre, it has a great ability to resist soiling and spills.

If you are looking to get a rug for a heavier traffic area in your home like the hallway or stairs, you may want to choose a hardwearing rug like a wool mix, which will maintain its appearance over the years.

Polypropylene is a great family fibre, which typically costs less, an ideal choice for
children’s bedrooms or areas where spills are more common. For dining or living
rooms, a heavier weight polypropylene will be wonderful as it is durable, maintains its colourfastness and is easy to clean

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