Choosing the right floor

Depending on which room you’re deciding on whether you are working or having some downtime you want a certain atmosphere to it. The flooring of each individual room can really enhance this for you from giving the room some colour to keeping you warm. That’s why it’s important that you choose carefully when deciding what flooring to use per room.

Sitting room
Sitting rooms are important for your downtime. You want to relax in a comfortable environment and the atmosphere and look of the room can effect this greatly. Using carpets or wooden flooring with a nice rug is a good way to achieve this. Not only does it keep the room insulated but you can really brighten up the room with a splash of colour. The choice overall is down to what you think will suit the overall theme of the room. For those with kids it makes for nice comfy seating if they want to sit on the floor and play.


Whether your brushing your teeth or taking a bath you still want to have a nice layout to the room. Especially if you are taking a stress relieving bath after a long day! We provide a selection of brightly coloured and well designed vinyl floors that not only last long but are slip resistant which is good for your safety in case the floor gets wet. Another good benefit of using vinyl is that it’s washable and easy to dry. This is a good factor for when you’re flooring a room which is going to get wet at some point.

The first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. If you are an early bird the last thing you want is to wake up, take in your surroundings and feel like the room is dingy and doesn’t suit. You want to be able to get out of bed and feel comfortable, especially in the mornings when a good frame of mind is vital. Again, carpets are a really nice way to bring out the theme of your room. You are often either barefoot or in socks which makes for a nicer feel when walking about and again it keeps your room warm.


Practicality is a huge factor when it comes to flooring kitchens. You are more likely to spill liquids and food in this room than the others whether you are preparing food or eating it. For this purpose you want a floor that’s easily washed. Taking all these factors into account laminate flooring could be a good choice. It gives you a homely feel with the look of wood but without some of woods drawbacks. It is able to withstand a lot of foot traffic which is ideal for families who may constantly be in and out of the kitchen.

Dining room
Whether you want to entertain your guests or eat there yourself, the choice between practicality or style is up to you. Once again using vinyl would make sure your floor can be easily cleaned from any unfortunate food/wine spills! Whatever you choose you want to impress the people you invite around!

dark wood vinyl flooring

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