Complete Flooring Installation at Club 300

We recently completed work on a new gym in town with carpets, safety flooring, artificial sports lawn and specialised gym rubber flooring.

Club 300 is an exclusive Gym and Personal Training studio based in Perth, Scotland.

It is Perth’s first facility exclusively created to provide Personal Training whilst also offering private membership for up to 300 people.

Club 300 provides the most aesthetically pleasing, functional rigs and all-purpose flooring to create a unique space for a variety of training principles.

Club 300’s approach, being run by experienced personal trainers, is to educate their clients and members on how to get the most from their training, nutrition and lifestyle. Moving away from the typical commercial gym experience with rows of cardio equipment, their aim is to coach people in how to exercise more effectively and achieve optimal results.

For more info contact
Club 300 , 4 -1 Jeanfield Road, Perth PH1 1PH
Tel:07734 907606

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