A Guide to Getting the Right Flooring for Your Business

commercial-flooringCommercial flooring has a major part to play in the daily life of your business activity, so it’s important to get it right. Your flooring decisions need to be based on a number of factors, such as expected footfall levels, business location, budget and, above all, the nature of your business and what the flooring will need to provide for you.

Retail, Lifestyle, Education and Healthcare
If you operate a retail outlet, the flooring you choose is one of a number of factors that create that important first impression for potential customers. Just like the shop window, the greeting and the colour of the walls, flooring has a major part to play in welcoming your customers. If you run a bar or restaurant, the flooring sets the tone and atmosphere, relaxing guests and making them feel comfortable.

Safety of the staff and customers is another big consideration, as these environments are often busy and crowded. Carpet and carpet tiles in guest areas can help set the right tone, whilst safety flooring and vinyl in staff and food preparation areas is easy to clean and durable.

In education and healthcare environments, flooring needs to be hard wearing, practical and easy to clean, such as vinyl flooring and safety flooring. It also needs to be welcoming and reassuring for staff, students, patients and visitors.

Offices, Industrial and Outdoor Attractions
Office flooring needs to be good value, durable and long lasting. Whilst carpet and carpet tiles may require more cleaning, they help reduce noise, add insulation and warmth, and are a good investment. Safety is everything when it comes to outdoor visitor attractions such as sports stadiums, and also at industrial and engineering workshops and factories. Safety flooring is vital in these settings to avoid accidents.

At Glenearn Flooring in Perth, Scotland, we’ve over twenty years’ experience in commercial flooring, and we’re always available for a no obligation chat about your requirements.

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