Adding LVT into your Home

Luxury vinyl tile can be a great asset to any home. Cheap, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install and maintain, it is a flooring option that is steadily gaining popularity. But how can you introduce vinyl tiling to your home and what do you need to know before you begin installing it?

What is Vinyl Tiling
Vinyl flooring has been around for decades and is popular due to its durability and low maintenance nature. Usually available in sheets, luxury vinyl tiling (or LVT) is simply a smaller and easier to install version of vinyl flooring. It is thinner than ceramic tile or wooden planks and usually doesn’t require an underlay. Vinyl tiles come in a range of colors and designs, some of which are designed to mimic other flooring such as wood and stone.

Installing LVT
Installing LVT is simple and straightforward but needs to be carried out correctly. It can be laid over most surfaces providing that the surface is smooth – any rough or noticeably uneven patches will show through and cause premature wear on these areas. In order to prevent this, any rough areas should be sanded down to meet the level of the rest of the surface.

Like other flooring options, LVT can be prone to expansion is extreme temperatures so it’s important that you leave a small gap around the perimeters of the room to allow for this.

Usually one quarter of an inch should be enough. Don’t make the mistake of starting at one end of the room and laying the tiles up and down the wall as this might not work, especially in awkwardly shaped rooms. Instead start from the middle and work your way out. As most LVT comes with self adhesive backs they are usually very easy to lay and don’t require many additional tools.

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