Why the Right Restaurant & Bar Flooring Matters


One of the most important decisions in restaurant design is flooring. Get your flooring choice right and you will positively affect the impression and functionality of your establishment. Get it wrong, and you could be faced with loud, sticky, accident causing flooring that will be costly to replace.

The Magic 5 Factors of Restaurant Flooring

  1. Acoustics. Restaurants are loud and busy spaces and without the right flooring, echoes and amplification can quickly make the space unpleasant. However, we don’t need to tell you, thick carpet might not be the solution.
  1. Ease of maintenance. Due to spills from food and drink, impenetrable surfaces are a must in restaurants. What’s more, your floor needs to be durable enough to withstand everyday cleaning. All this needs to be taken into account.
  1. Aesthetics. Obviously, good looks count too. Whether it’s hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, the effect has to be pleasing to the eye and in keeping with the ambiance of the restaurant space.
  1. Staff comfort. This is an oft-overlooked issue. Waiting staff and kitchen staff are on their feet all-day and night. Having the wrong flooring, which is too hard or too slick, can lead to added fatigue and accidents. This can result in inefficient staff, injuries and ultimately unscheduled leave and dissatisfied customers.
  1. Ease of moving furniture. A chair at a busy table could be moving in place a hundred times a day. Firstly, your flooring needs to allow this to happen without excess friction. Secondly, it needs to do so without creating damage.

With so many different options in restaurant flooring to choose from, finding the one which will fulfill all your requirements might seem overwhelming. We can’t stress enough how important taking the trouble to evaluate different flooring options for your restaurant is. It’s time well spent. And don’t forget, the experienced design professionals at Glenearn are here to help.

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