Choosing The Right Climate Flooring

climate-flooringIf you live in a colder climate, it’s important to consider which types of climate flooring are best suited to your home. Underfloor heating is a clever but costly solution, so to keep costs down but still stay cosy, there are a couple of other options you might like to consider.

The ‘Hardwood’ Option
If you love the look of hardwood floors but hate the thought of draughty floorboards in the winter, consider laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. Click or glue down vinyl is soft and cushioned underfoot and heats up quickly in a warm room. Both vinyl planks and laminates can be laid using an insulating underlay to improve energy efficiency, and this is also the easy-clean choice when mud and snow are an issue.

Another option, popular in Canada, is cork flooring. This provides natural insulation by reflecting heat back into the room, and cork is also warm to the touch and soft underfoot.

Cosy Carpet
The number one choice for colder climates, because who doesn’t love the feel of a cosy carpet under their toes? Fitted carpet gives an instant feeling of luxury and warmth when the temperature falls, and using an insulated underlay improves energy efficiency to give maximum cosiness. There’s a carpet to fit every budget, in a range of tones and finishes.

The downside to carpets is keeping them clean, so vacuum regularly and use a cleaning product monthly to keep them looking fresh. If wall to wall carpet doesn’t appeal, try individual rugs. These are a quick and often cheap way to warm up a room, and with so many colours and designs available you can easily create a bespoke room scheme.

If you need help with choosing your ideal cold climate flooring, then Glenearn Flooring can help you make the right decision with a no hidden cost quotation. Make the right choice and your house will stay warm whatever the weather.

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