Commercial Flooring and What’s Best for You

Commercial flooring has a few characteristics that set it apart from general home flooring. Schools, hotels, offices, restaurants, airports, and places where there is heavy foot traffic will always benefit from using commercial style flooring. Knowing the best type of floor should be considered according to your needs as a business.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is probably the most expensive option for many small businesses, but it has long lasting benefits. Effectively, hardwood flooring is extremely durable and long lasting. It is also attractive and warm and welcoming. Because of its longevity and durability it is more likely to pay for itself over a short length of time.


Whether it be cover-all carpet or tile carpet, you will always find a durable and hard wearing version that will last a long time and give your work environment a warm and welcoming look. Airports will always use a combination of carpet and linoleum style flooring, depending on the area of the airport that requires it. Offices can benefit from a hard wearing carpet because it gives warmth and is easy to vacuum. Also, with tile carpet you have the added benefit of replacing spares at will if you have a spill or a stain to remove. That in itself is worthy of the price.


Linoleum and vinyl flooring have long been the ‘go-to’ flooring for many commercial areas. Nowadays vinyl flooring has so many patterns and laying methods that people are choosing it over carpet and wood because of its versatility.

LVT—luxury vinyl tile—is one of the most popular contemporary flooring materials. It is comfortable, waterproof, luxurious, convenient, versatile and strategically priced so that those on a moderate budget can still consider it as an option for their office space.

Think about your options and if needed, make a list of pros and cons as to the best material for your area.


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