Complete your Home with the Right Flooring

Choosing flooring used to be a fairly straightforward choice between floorboards or fitted carpets, but there is an amazing choice for today’s customers, from rugs, carpets and cork, to tiles, wood and vinyl.

Hardwood Flooring
Whether it’s solid or engineered wood or laminate, wood and wood-effect floor is hard-wearing and durable and ideal for hallways and living rooms. Laminates are a great cost-effective option and today’s products are very high quality and easy to clean, with boards that click together and are also easy to replace if a section get damaged. Vinyl, like laminate, has really upped its profile recently, and is a fantastic choice throughout the house as it’s very waterproof and hard-wearing.

Tiles are increasingly popular, and come in an enormous range of finishes and colours including porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, natural stone, slate and marble. Once only used in kitchens and bathrooms, tiles are now being used more and more in living areas.

Softer Underfoot
Cork tiles are becoming popular again with customers, who are attracted to cork’s natural beauty, durability and versatility. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, insulating and, as it’s a by-product of the wine cork production process, it leaves very little carbon footprint. It’s also easy to install, although not the best choice for bathrooms or areas with high-foot traffic.

While hard surfaces look sleek and contemporary, they do lack a certain warmth, and don’t have the sound reducing qualities of carpets. Soften acoustics with soft furnishings and rugs, and make sure you’ve got good quality underlay to reduce draughts.

Carpets remain very popular for bedrooms and stairways as they add softness and warmth and reduce noise, great if you live in flats or have a big family. There’s something comforting about a carpeted bedroom too. If you’re struggling to find the right colour or pattern, Glenearn offer a bespoke service, enabling customers to create carpets to their precise individual requirements.

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