Designer LVT Flooring Maintenance

Tiles of vinyl, linoleum or laminates are without doubt enormously popular home improvements – they’re relatively cheap, easy to fit and look fantastic. However, not all home owners understand how to care for them.

No floor covering is entirely a lay it and forget it solution – even concrete stains if not protected. Designer LVT flooring like Amtico and Karndean, or the similar linoleum tiles from Marmoleum, are easy to look after and doing so will extend the life of your floor indefinitely.

Two major threats are easily eliminated. As the surfaces can dent, be sure to put pads under the feet of heavy furniture. As the surface can be eroded by grit, make sure you have clean doormats at entrances and vac or sweep regularly – it’s a quick job over tiled floors.

Never use steam mops. For long-term protection be sure to regularly apply the cleaning products the manufacturers recommend.

Amtico recommend regular wiping (daily if possible) with a clean mop made just damp with Amtico International FloorCare Maintainer, diluted according to the instructions on the bottle. If soiling slowly builds up on the floor then you can strip it back using Amtico International FloorCare Stripper and then re-dress it with Amtico International FloorCare Dressing. Once you’ve applied dressing, this procedure should be repeated annually to maintain the protective finish.

Karndean advise regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner such as Karndean Clean (50ml of Karndean Clean to 8-10 litres of clean water). Apply it as above with a damp but not wet mop. Like Amtico, they also provide solutions for stripping back and re-dressing, which they recommend every 6-12 months with Karndean Remove and Karndean Refresh.

Marmoleum is more susceptible to staining than LVT, so maintaining a protective coating with Regular use of Forbo Monel is extra important. Alternatively you can clean with a neutral PH detergent and apply Forbo polish.

Glenearn Flooring supplies designer LVT flooring and more, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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