Dramatic Décor for the Floor


We have a stunning array of LVT design flooring from the top brands such as Amtico, Allura, Karndean, Moduleo, Earthwerks and Distinctive to name but a few.

We are seeing people really get creative these days with their floors. Our customers are on the lookout to put their own stamp, it would appear the floor is finally being considered as a major part of their interior design ambition.

The current trend is for more drama on the floor, we are therefore seeing a shift towards dark woods such as walnut and dark grey/brown oak effects. Large dark tiles look particularly stunning when fitted with flooring strips, as they emphasise the size of each tile and create the feeling of greater space in larger rooms and make a bold statement in any room.

Home makers are looking to make more of a statement with their floors than ever before, parquet has been a significant trend this year as too have extra wide wood planks and large oblong tiles. The trend for LVT design flooring looks set to continue with people realising that these type of floors not only add personality to their home but also value, making them a worthwhile investment.

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