Hand Made Rugs Vs Machine Made: What Works for your Home

The addition of a rug to any room in your home can add instant style and ambience. And the beauty of a rug is that it can be easily placed and moved if you decide to use it in another room. You may know what style of rug you wish to purchase and in which colours. If this is the case, there is only one decision left to make: whether to purchase a handmade or machine made rug.

Every rug, whether made by hand or machine is made using a series of knots. The number of knots in a rug can reveal much. For example, the more knots a rug has, the greater the detail it can offer in terms of pattern. More knots also mean higher overall rug density, which makes it more difficult for dirt to enter and begin reducing the life of the rug. Higher density also means that a rug can better withstand foot traffic and other types of wear and tear.

A handmade rug will cost significantly more than its machine made counterpart. This is because a good handmade rug can take months and even years to complete and then produce. It will also have more appeal than a rug that was made by machine. Handmade rugs are famous for their long lives, and they will actually increase in value as time goes on.

The quality of a machine-made rug can be far inferior to that of a handmade rug. Handmade rugs are made with natural materials like silk or wool. The synthetic materials used in machine made rugs cannot stand up to high traffic and years of wear. They also take far less time to manufacture.

With so many differences between handmade and machine made rugs, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. But considering the traffic in your home as well as the reason for purchasing the rug can help you make the right decision for you.

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