Styling Your Lounge For A Summer Feel

Spring is just around the corner and this is traditionally the time of year that we start to consider redecorating the house after the long dark winter months.

Although summer feels a long way off, there have been enough bright days recently for the sunlight to stream in through the windows and show up areas that need to be updated. The queues of people in the DIY stores over most Easter weekends bear testament to the fact that people start planning for summer as April approaches. Decorating the rooms in our home gives us all something to look forward to while we’re waiting for the temperatures to rise.

And, of course, newly decorated walls and ceilings often show the carpets and soft furnishings to be a little jaded. The new, patterned wallpaper may not match the old, busy patterned carpets. Or the colour of the carpet may now clash with the new colour scheme. Once you start there’s no going back. The process just seems to gather momentum.

Carpets and Floor Coverings

There is no doubt that new floor coverings can transform a home. And they need to be purchased with some thought, as they will probably be adorning the floor of your lounge, stairs, dining room, or bedroom for years to come.

If you are going for a busy wallpaper, you may need to consider putting down a plain carpet. And, by the same token, if your new lounge décor is plain and simple, a bold pattern on the carpet can provide some drama.

And if you can’t afford, or indeed if you don’t need to change the carpet, a new rug can completely change the character in a lounge.

Online carpet stores such as Glenearn have endless examples of styles to inspire. So, if you are planning to style your lounge for a summer feel, now is the time to get down to some hard work. Then you can spend summer relaxing in the garden!

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