The Ideal Carpet Choice For Children’s Bedrooms

Recent research has debunked the commonly-held myth that carpets are bad for children suffering from allergies and asthma. Carpet is not a cause of asthma, leaving the decision whether to choose a hard or soft floor covering for your children’s flooring completely down to personal choice.


Choosing a carpet will make the room appear warmer and cosier; in addition, carpet cushions slips, falls and noise. Soft and comfortable barefoot, whatever the weather, a carpet also offers the option of introducing bright and bold colours to personalise the room and coordinate with other soft furnishings.

Wood or Laminate Flooring

A hard floor can be easier to maintain and more durable, especially if your little ones are prone to nail varnish parties, puddle jumping and then forgetting the no shoes indoors rule, or felt-tip colouring in.

Whether you decide on a carpet or wooden or laminate flooring, using kids rugs to enliven the room is a great way to add colour and to personalise the room to suit your child’s tastes. With fun characters and bright colours, a rug is a great way to make the room pop. It also has the benefit that it is not a permanent feature, making it easy to update children’s rooms without replacing the entire floor covering.

Children’s bedrooms are not just for sleeping. Kids rugs create a cosy place for them to play, keeping little knees and toes safe and snug while they let their imaginations run riot. The right rug can be the focus of lots of this play and serves to promote learning and fun.

At Glenearn our stunning range of kids rugs is crafted from 100% Espirelle acrylic and is hand-tufted. Tough enough to withstand the rigours of hard play but still wonderfully soft underfoot, these rugs are the ideal choice for children’s bedrooms.

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