Supplementing Your Floor With The Perfect Rug

rugsA well-chosen rug can be the perfect finishing touch to any living space. They generally act as a central focal point and aren’t always cheap, so picking the right rug is important. A bad choice may clash with other elements and disrupt the whole ambience of a room. But matching a it to its surroundings can be a tricky business. While people instinctively tend to match the colour of their rug to that of their walls and soft furnishings, it is also important to take into account things such as texture, pattern and, most importantly, the type of flooring that it will be set against. Here are some tips for matching rugs against floor types so that you can create your perfect pairing.

Flooring Types

Adding a rug to an area that is already carpeted adds a further touch of luxury, texture and warmth. A shaggy rug on a synthetic carpet would really enhance the cosiness of a room and would probably work best in a living room, bedroom or other area designed for rest and relaxation.

Rugs work well on laminate floors, as they protect it against dents and scratches while simultaneously adding colour and warmth. It is important that any rug intended for use on laminate flooring is rubber-backed to prevent slipping and sliding. In keeping with the modern style of laminate flooring, a one with a modern design such as bold abstract shapes or a floral pattern would work well.

Hardwood flooring tends to look quite traditional, so a traditional antique rug could be the perfect accompaniment to create a regal effect. Probably best for formal areas such as dining rooms or even large kitchens, traditional rugs tend to come in a variety of oriental-based patterns with bold striking colours such as reds, golds and greens to create dramatic effect.

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