Getting the most out of your carpet

You paid for it so you should be taking full advantage of it! Carpets are not just for show, they have many other uses as well for your own enjoyment! Here’s five (silly but totally logical) ways of getting the most out of your carpet.

1. Read on them!

Your sofas might be taken up by other people, pets, laundry to be ironed but you still have the floor! Carpets are comfy and you can lie or sit on them any way you want to chill out, grab your favourite book and take an hour or two to read your favourite romance, horror or comedy novel! (We won’t judge)

2. Play with your kids

Grab your kids toys and get down to their level by playing whatever game they come up with. Also fun for hand stands, roly polys and good flooring for building massive forts on. It also gives you a nice opportunity to bond!

3. Keep the room warm

Carpets are good for isolation and they help keep the room that little bit warmer which is especially good in those winter periods

4. Good for dancing on

Comfortable, in the privacy of your home so you don’t need to feel like you are being judged! You can have fun dancing to your favourite songs without doing any long term damage to your feet!

5. Sit in front of the fire

Another good one for keeping warm and comfortable! It also ties in with reading a book and its nice for when its cold outside or for when you just want that extra bit of warmth. But please don’t get to close!

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