Making Concrete Work in your Home

Concrete floors are affordable. As a result, many homeowners find themselves with one whether they like it or not, but a new awareness of their potential is transforming them into a flooring of first choice. Existing floors can be polished and treated to create stunning finishes, and lightweight concrete based tiles are available for both walls and floors.

Concrete offers modern, clean and creatively versatile styling. Both stained and unstained concretes can have unique patinas. A wide range of colours and patterns are possible and hybrid varieties even incorporate veneers, helping them integrate with other materials.

Concrete based panels are easily installed over existing irregular surfaces, and continue across walls, stairs and worktops. It is easy to install other floorings on top if you ever want a change. Longevity and wear resistance are unmatched. Heels, furniture, and dog claws will not scratch the surface and small repairs, if needed, are relatively simple.

Polished surfaces help to reduce the energy needed to illuminate a room, yet concrete is less slippery than other tiles. Although regular sealing is recommended, surfaces are easy to clean and superb for allergy sufferers.

Hardness is an issue for some people. Although softer surface coatings are available and some modern composites have elastic qualities, they should probably be avoided in homes of elderly people prone to falls and fractures. Similarly, bare solid concrete can be tiring to stand on for long periods, for example in kitchens.

They can be cold on bare feet in bedrooms, however some panels can be integrated with under-floor heating and rugs are a simple solution. Moisture underneath is an issue for most types of flooring. Sub-floors should be sealed. Spills from above can stain unsealed concrete.

Whether you’re considering polishing old floors, installing concrete composite panels, or transforming concrete surfaces with stunning colours, patinas or graphical designs, you can always rely on Glenearn to provide honest guidance at all times.

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