Hard Flooring Maintenance


You’ve got your fabulous new floor, now how do you keep it looking that way? First, be sure you understand hard flooring maintenance.

More wear is caused by abrasive grit than from your floor simply being walked upon, so stop it at the threshold with door mats and daily vacuuming. Fit pads beneath the feet of furniture to prevent scuffing and pressure marks.

Liquids are your other main threat. Always wipe up liquids as soon as possible. Left standing, especially on wood, they can do damage. Persistent leaks from a washer or freezer, or spray from sink taps can be devastating.

Some people assume glossy laminate surfaces are waterproof – they aren’t! Whilst sealed varieties are approved for use in kitchens and bathrooms, their water resistance is still limited and ordinary types have no water resistance at all.

Excessive moisture and humidity also harms timber floors – they expand in warm moist air and shrink when it’s cold and dry. Consider fitting dehumidifiers.

Cleaning Products
Consult our advisors if you don’t know the correct aftercare kits for your flooring type. Don’t use any old household cleaner or common detergents – they may destroy protective coatings or leave residues.

Aftercare kits for oiled woods contain gentle non detergent cleaner, but these floors also need re-oiling from time to time.

Lacquered floors will take an occasional polish, but if you want to re-lacquer you must first sand back to the original wood.

Don’t polish laminates – it can have the opposite effect and make them look dull and worn, or slippery. They should never be wet-washed – a damp mop or cloth occasionally is okay, but never leave them wet. As they’re vulnerable to dampness, don’t use steam mops! Try a dry microfibre mop instead.

For all surfaces, colour-matched putties are available for small scratches – ask our team’s advice. On small stains like ink, try nail-polish remover rather than a scouring pad. Glenearn Flooring are able to help you with all your hard flooring maintenance, or any other flooring type – be sure to get in touch with your queries.

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