Finalists In The Scottish Home Improvement Awards


Following a tense couple of weeks’ preliminary voting, it brings us an immense amount of joy to report to you all that Glenearn Flooring are confirmed finalists in this years ‘Scottish Home Improvement Awards’!

Nominated for the ‘Best Flooring Company’ category in late April, we can now inform you all know that our short (yet ferocious!) campaign has been every bit as effective as we’d hoped – and that we will be attending the finalists ceremony at the beautiful Radisson Hotel Glasgow on Firday June 17th.

Overwhelming Support

 The amount of support we’ve received from patrons and friends alike since hearing word of our nomination just a few weeks back has been absolutely staggering – and we know for a fact that we’d have faltered without it. Our dedication to providing our clients with the very best installations at the very best prices can only take us so far when it comes to recognition on this level. In short, we feel a new level of affirmation on a local level that we’ve craved since day one!

Last year’s winners of the Scotland’s Best Flooring Company title (it may seem dull to some – but we seldom dream of anything else!) were Glasgow’s ‘The Wooden Floor Company’ – who are nomitated once more this year. We’ll also be up against Edinburgh’s Kristoffersen Carpets & Flooring, First Floors and All Floors (also of Glasgow).

A Brilliant Event
Having been in attendance at last years ceremony – we’re only too well aware of how brilliant an event this is. There’s nothing quite like the coming together of an entire (and booming!) industry under one roof – and that’s exactly what we have to look forward to on June 17th – thanks to each and every one of you who took the time out of your day to vote for us!


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