Refresh Your Business With New Flooring

Although commercial flooring may not be the first thing that business owners consider in planning a corporate make-over, it can be an important and useful element in the creation of a new image. At the other end of the scale, it may simply allow you to reinvigorate all or part of your premises, helping to create a newer, fresher feel.

This is because flooring is quite simply an integral part of any building’s interior décor. Given the sheer level of wear and tear caused by a constant stream of staff and visitors, your flooring can all too easily begin to convey entirely the wrong impression of the business. Threadbare carpet or dirty, scuffed floors signify a lack of investment or attention to detail; not messages that most businesses wish to convey.

Public Areas
The benefits of refreshing a floor are particularly pertinent if you have public areas such as a shop, showroom or an events venue. Businesses have quite literally moments in which to create the right first impression, ideally projecting a positive, professional image that reassures the customer that they are dealing with the right company. Intelligently designed décor, including commercial flooring, will reinforce your corporate branding and provide that essential reassurance.

Staff-Only Areas
While it’s easier to get away with worn décor and flooring in staff-only areas that the public will never see, this doesn’t mean that this is a wise decision. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that environmental factors have a significant effect on staff morale, productivity and even long term retention rates. None of us thrive in tired, grubby surroundings.

We provide a wide range of exceptional commercial flooring for businesses in Scotland and elsewhere. To find out more about our products or for help and advice relating to business flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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