Trending Now – A/W 2013

Fashion colours, patterns and textures have been migrating from the catwalk into our homes for some time but it is now happening quicker than ever before.  Everything is completely intertwined.

Neutral continues to be a firm favourite because it accentuates a feeling of space and can be taken throughout the home, using just one colour.  However, there is a definite move to a grey colour palette – from barely there silvers to deep greys.

Texture is becoming more important and people are experimenting in carpet with deeper piles and loop piles which not only give a different look but are also a firm contrast to, and sit alongside, smooth and hard flooring.”

Soft pinks, lilacs and blue-green tones are also creeping in – cleaner, fresher colours.  There is a definite move towards colour – albeit not as strong as we are seeing in wallpaper and accessories.  The ‘beige’ palette is still popular though, albeit in natural cool stone and pebble colours, neutral golds and greys.

Pattern is being used in a very individual way i.e. stripes in hallways and stairs to give a modern, funky feel. You don’t need to have a large room to use patterned carpet.  In fact, it is possible to maximize the appearance of space in smaller rooms by choosing light tones with a subtle pattern to make it appear larger. Patterned carpets can also be combined with patterned fabrics and wallpaper.  The key is to look for colours that work well together.  Delicate flower heads, which bring charm and elegance to a room, are popular.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles and pattern to create your own individual look.

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