Glenearn Hardwood Flooring Guide.

Engineering hardwood flooring.

Constructed from Multiple layers of wood, providing increased stability

Each board is constructed from multiple layers of wood pressed together. The top solid wood layer is available in a wide variety of species, finishes and thicknesses to accommodate all tastes and requirements.

It is supported by a central core and backing board to give the floor increased stability.

Hardwood flooring grades.

1. Select

This grade offers a natural look with limited knots. Considerable grain and colour variation provide a characterful look. Up to 10% sapwood permitted in some species but only small knots allowed.

2. Rustic

A rustic grade allows for considerable grain and colour variation. Up to 10% sapwood, large knots* (some filled); dark streaks and filled cracks are all acceptable.

3. Extra rustic

Very little is graded out in this category. Large knots*, splits, cracks and any amount of sapwood are all to be expected when choosing this distinctive design.


*Note: Knots are divided into 2 main categories. A dead knot occurs when the core has been removed or has fallen out. It is subsequently filled. A live knot still has the core and generally does not contain filler. This grade includes both categories. When knots are filled it is not always possible to closely match the colour of the wood. If large knots with filler are not wanted it is the responsibility of the customer to inform the installer to cut these out at the time of installation.

Hardwood surface finish options.

Choosing the right surface finish is unique to your own taste.

UV Oiled

An oiled finish penetrates the surface of the wood to bring out the natural beauty of the grain.

UV Lacquered

A Laquered floor is typically smooth to touch and more glossy in appearance.

Matte Lacquered

The dull satin sheen replicates the appearance of an oiled floor, without the same periodic maintenance requirements.


An unfinished floor has no surface finish which allows you to create a truly bespoke result in terms of both colour and durability.


The board is lightly brushed to remove the softer surface fibres and expose wood grain. The result is a subtly textured finish that delicately highlights the natural grain.


Full of rustic charm, this distinctive finish is characterized by the unique textures that result from the hand.

Scraping process

Where each plank is painstakingly scraped by hand prior to finishing which created an aged look.

Aged & Distressed

Each plank is hand distressed to produce a textured surface reminiscent of a naturally aged, rustic floor.

Bevelled Edge

A bevelled edge adds definition to each plank creating a rustic feel that’s more traditional in design.

Square Edge

The edges of the plank meet squarely when joined together, creating a smooth and seamless transition between the boards.


Keeping you right in touch with nature, the kerf of the saw marks are proudly exposed on each board producing that delightfully rustic feel that conjures up the inspiring smell of fresh sawdust and the pleasure of witnessing freshly sawn timber.